«Дело за малым» forum

The Coordination Centre for the export support of the Krasnodar region and the company «Eventcenter», with assistance from the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Republic of Armenia and the association of the RA manufacturers and distributors, within the framework of our traditional annual forum SME «Then all we need», which took place from 18-19 of October at the exhibition-conventional centre «Expograd–Yug» in Krasnodar city, have organised a reverse business – mission for the entrepreneurs from Armenia and from Krasnodar region, with the aim to launch meetings and negotiations between regional subjects of the entrepreneurship and with potential foreign buyers(work and service).

On 18th and 19th of October 2019, within the framework of the Forum «Then all we need», which has gathered about 25.000 entrepreneurs, the coordination centre for the export support of the Krasnodar region has organised events which were devoted to the development of the foreign economic activity of the Kuban small and medium enterprises, including a contact exchange with Armenian entrepreneurs. Four Armenian companies, which are occupied in the import and distribution of the mass consumption goods, food production, building materials and auto parts, negotiated with relevant manufacturers from Krasnodar.

On 19th of October a master class «Export to Armenia» took place, as a speaker was Karen Ivanov, the chairman of the manufacturers’ and distributors’ Association of the Republic of Armenia. The main objective of the project «Export to Armenia» was; consumer goods promotion in the Republic’s market, including through supermarkets, on-line stores, through the Horeca sector and through the participation in the public-sector tenders of Armenia. The project is executed with support of the chamber of Commerce and Industry and with the Distributors’ Association of the Republic of Armenia