On 13th of September 2019, the Yerevan Business-Forum 2019 took place at the conference hall №1 of the Exhibition Centre ‘’Yerevan Expo’’ which was devoted to the development of the economical relations between regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia. The event passed within the framework of the international regional universal trade-industrial exhibition forum ‘’Armenia Expo’’.

The project is developed by the company ‘’Eventcenter’’ with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Armenia, Association of the RA distributors and manufacturers, on the initiative of the investments and development Department for small and medium enterprises in Krasnodar Region, the Export Support Centre of the Krasnodar region, the Export Support Centre of the Penza Region, the Coordination Centre of the export-oriented subjects for small and medium enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Coordination  Support centre of the export-oriented enterprises in the Ryazan Region.

The objective of the project is to assist in the establishment of the direct mutual beneficial industrial and commercial cooperation between enterprises of two regions.

Abroad delegation with representatives of 20 enterprises arrived in Armenia from Bashkortostan, Krasnodar region, Ryazan and Penza areas from the Russian Federation, as follows:

  • LLC ‘’Echochimtech’’ (production of the veterinary preparations, feed additives, premixes and disinfectants)
  • LLC ‘’Umka’’ (production of soft modules, kids furniture, equipment for sensored rooms, developing didactic equipment, sport equipment)
  • LLC ‘’Southern Ural Scales Factory’’ (production of scales equipment, production of industrial scales and weight class accuracy of m1)
  • LLC ‘’Kontrolniy Paket’’ (production of flexible plastic packaging)
  • LLC ‘’Rosinka’’ (vegetable oil production)
  • LLC ‘’Strong’’ (production of orthopaedic mattresses)
  • LLC ‘’Alpha-chem group’’ (chemical agents production)
  • LLC ‘’Holod-k’’ (production of heat exchange devices, air-conditioning equipment for the industrial freezing and refrigerating equipments, gases filtering and purifying equipment production)
  • LLC ‘’Unipak’’ (an artistic surface treatment for glass and dishes (glass and ceramic), including glazing (chemical matting) and decorating with the method of screen printing
  • LLC ‘’Solar’’ (Exclusive distributorr of the worldd famous brand of the solar systems innovativee technologicy Solatube® in the territoryy of EEU countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kirgizia)
  • LLC ‘’Bestoil’’ (vegetable oil production)
  • LLC ‘’Imperia’’ (Outdoor clothing production)
  • IE Koshelev (production and realisation of household equipment ТМ De luxe, Electronicsdeluxe, SVAR)
  • LLC ‘’Agromechanika’’ (production of agriculture equipment)
  • LLC ‘’Elekom Pek’’ (resistors production)
  • LLC ‘’Skopinzernoprodukt’’ (wholesale trade of grain, croup, cereal)
  • CG ‘’Smart Technologies’’ (computer based software programs development (automation of work in the sphere of APC–elevators, etc...)
  • IE Fadeev (damping suspension elements; telescopic stands for the front suspension and shock absorbers for the telescopic stands backside suspensions (hydraulic, gas springs))
  • LLC ‘’Newtechgroup’’ (multifunctional internally developed protective coatings)
  • LLC ‘’Centrtranstechmash’’ (the leading enterprises of Russia and CIS in the sphere of vehicle superstructures manufacturing and montage for different purposes for all vehicle categories)

For the abroad business representatives where organised bilateral B2B meetings with Armenian companies, visits to Armenian profile enterprises to evaluate industrial and commercial opportunities and to discuss cooperation details, as to make experience exchange, industrial cooperation etc., discussions on the topic ‘’Export to Armenia’’ with debate about opportunities to simplify significantly product entry and promotion to the Armenian Market for the manufacturers from different countries.