Starting from 15th to 19th of October of 2019 an Export Business Marathon «Gyumri-Yerevan 2019» took place in the Republic of Armenia. The Marathon started from Gyumri; the second largest city in Armenia – the administrative centre of Shirak region (after which the event will be continued in Yerevan). On 16th of October at 12.00, an opening ceremony was organised at the conference hall of Gyumri technology centre for the Export Business Marathon «Gyumri-Yerevan 2019».

The Project was implemented by the Association of the distributors and entrepreneurs of the Republic of Armenia and by the company Eventcenter with assistance from the chamber of commerce and industry, with official support from the Shirak region Administration, the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

On 17th of October at 15.00, within the framework of the Business Marathon, business meetings were organised for entrepreneurs from Russia and Yerevan at the conference hall of the Business Centre «Elite Plaza» in Yerevan.

Presentations were made within the frameworks of this event to show the regions’ potential. Were organised; meetings with the representatives from Export Support Centres and industrial – commercial chambers from RF and with the governor of the Shirak region, business negotiations, contact exchange and B2B meetings, visits to the leading enterprises of the Shirak region, to exhibitions – Armprod Expo 2019, to the Ministries of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan city Municipality, etc…

The main objectives of this event were; organization of negotiations between the representatives from foreign and Armenian companies, finding new business contacts, the enlargement of the sphere for business activity which will direct to the increase of the export volume and external trade;

The delegation was staffed with 20 representative companies from Perm and Kaluga regions of the Russian Federation, which are occupied in the production of the industrial equipment, milk processing, engineering automotive components, plain bearing, equipment for treatment plans, water supply and wastewater removal systems, water processing facilities, microprocessor devices for automation of technological processes in industrial plants, equipments which are helping to repair tubes and struts; modern and high – tech bicycles; spare parts and accessories for them, activated charcoal for the different industrial applications; metal dishes, aluminium flasks, stainless steel tubes in diameter, waste management and recycling.

Actual export markets were chosen for each area of activity, after careful potential partners’ search business negotiations were organized with interested Armenian companies. Were also organized visits to the Armenian specialized enterprises as to evaluate industrial and commercial opportunities, to discuss details for cooperation, to make experience exchange, to start an industrial cooperation, etc…