Date: 08-10.10.2014
Place: Armenia, Yerevan
Organizers: Yerevan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ”Agency of applied marketing” LLC, Eventcenter

On 9 of October at 10:00, a press-conference was held at conference –hall of the business-center “Elite -Plaza”(Khorenatsi Street, floor 15, Armenia, Yerevan), which was devoted to the development of economical relations between Moscow and Yerevan, Government of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RA and Moscow Government. This event is being held within the “Business- Marathon-2014” with the program of “Moscow Mission of small and medium business ” Yerevan City.

The Project is realized at the initiative of the Department of science, industrial policy and entrepreneurship of Moscow city with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RA.
In 2014,”Business-Marathon” has been held in 40 Russian regions and foreign countries.
The objective of the project was; to support direct mutually-beneficial commercial cooperation between two capital cities. The program is quit different from exhibitions and other events which took place at the period of project participants’ 2 month stay in Yerevan.
At the beginning of the project, more than 20 Moscow enterprises took part in the project. During of two months each of them has been working on searching for potential partners from the company –list of Yerevan. More than 160 phone calls were made, during which information materials were provided about Moscow companies. Yerevan companies, which were interested in cooperation ,participated in bilateral negotiations with Moscow companies.
As a result of these studies, 10 Moscow companies consisted the delegation which was highly appreciated from Yerevan companies . Thus, as a business-mission, 10 companies visited Yerevan, companies which are occupied in construction business, surfacing materials, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, medical equipment and medical supplies, modern means of rodent control, women clothing, electronic workflow and atomized system, etc..
On the first day businessmen’s meetings from both regions were held within the format “negotiation platforms”. Round table discussion was organized with the participation of an expert from Yerevan. Discussions were about such themes as logistics, certification and licensing.
On the second day, participants held business meetings at Armenian companies’ offices to discuss industrial-commercial cooperation details. Except of this, during the second day of business-mission, visits for regions enterprises(technology tour), exchange of experience for industrial cooperation and much more else were organized.

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