Business-mission Briansk city

Starting from 27th-30th of October 2019, the Centre of Business Support of the Briansk region and the company «Eventcenter», with assistance from Distributors Association of the Republic of Armenia have organised a reverse business-mission for entrepreneurs delegations from Armenia to the Briansk region, RF, with the objective to strengthen long term cooperation between enterprises.

5 companies from the Republic of Armenia and 16 entrepreneurs from the Bryansk region participated in this event. The program of the business-mission envisaged an official part, contact exchange with representatives of business communities of the Republic of Armenia with the form of B2B and visits to the Bryansk region’s enterprises. The focus areas which are interested in the import by the Republic of Armenia are companies which are occupied in food production, paint and varnish and building materials, polymer additives, polymers in primary and secondary forms. Representatives from 5 importer-companies participated in the business-mission as follows; LLC «Trading house Imperium», LLC «Plenium», LLC «AGA LOGYSTYC», CJSC «Newplast». Above mentioned companies have had meetings with the Bryansk companies; LLC «SAVALA», LLC «Selting», LLC «Juice-Bryansk», IE Shuravko V.M., IE Sitnikov I.V, LLC «LKM-Kambiy», LLC «Zephyr Factory of Bryansk», UMPO «Bryansk Gormolzavod», LLC «EGM Group», LLC «Agroros», TH «Starodub Cheese», LLC «ECO 3D», PF Chuvarov Nikolay V., AB «Bryanconfi». Also were represented companies from the industries of food product, confectionery products and gardening equipments. Were organised visits to the enterprises. During the framework of the event an agreement was signed about the product supply between companies IE Shurakov V.M and LLC «Eventcenter» (TH «Eurasia»).